This site, CERT Alert™, is written, owned and operated by Christopher Komuves. This privacy policy sets forth the guidelines used for protecting the information you provide while using this site. I take your privacy seriously and will never willfully disclose private information like your email address to any 3rd party without your express permission.

Type of Information Collected

The types of information collected about you falls into the following categories.

  • Personal Information  Your name, email address, AIM ID, telephone numbers, birthdate, postal address, photo, certifications and text about yourself on your profile page.

  • Security Information  Your password that you use to login to the site.

  • Usage Information  Records (logs) of your usage of the site. This includes which pages you've visited and when, the IP addresses of the computers from which you access the site, and the URLs of web pages that referred you to this site. Our site uses cookies (data that a Web site asks your browser to store, which is then sent back whenever you request another page from the site) to store your identity and session information when you log into our site. While you can use some basic functions of the site without allowing these cookies, they are required to login and post or edit content on the site.

Use and Disclosure of Information To 3rd Parties

Beyond the agreed-upon use and disclosure as part of the functionality of this site (such as allowing other members of your team and team-designated administrators and alerters to view your detailed contact information and for designated alerters to send alerts to you), I will never share specific private information about you with any 3rd party, such as an agent, contractor, or affiliated company, except for the purpose of providing services to, and in that case, only to a party whose agrees to keep such information private. I will never sell or otherwise provide your private contact information to any other party without your prior consent.

We may use and disclose aggregate information about our users to the public or to 3rd parties, but in only such ways that do not reveal anything about specific users. For instance, maintaining statistics on percentages of users from various demographic groups, or about average useage patterns of the site.

We may use your private information to contact you regarding issues or problems with content you've uploaded to the site, and to occassionaly notify you by email about new features or important changes to the site.

Your personal information, which includes your email address, telephone numbers, AIM ID, and street addresses, can only be viewed by site administrators (currently only myself) and other members, administrators and alerters of teams you join, and then only when they are logged into the site. Team alerters can also send alerts to you, which can go out by email and text message to your mobile phone (for which you may incur a charge from your mobile phone provider). Any registered user who is logged into the site can also send email to you through the site, but can not see your email address unless you later provide it to him/her (such as by responding to the email directly). If this facility is abused, you can report the abuse and the offending party will be warned or banned from the site for any repeat offense.


I am careful to take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of your personal information. I have been a professional computer security expert who has been securing web-based software applications since 1993. Despite my best efforts, however, I can not be held responsible for any breach of security or for the actions of any person or entity other than myself.

I will cooperate with law enforcement inquiries, obey court orders, and honor subpoenas and other legal processes. Your personal identifying information may be disclosed if I am compelled by law or legal process to disclose it. I may also disclose such information if I determine, at my sole discretion, that disclosure would be useful in connection with investigating possible non-compliance either with the law or with any site policy, including the user agreement and this privacy policy.

Your login password is never retained or stored on our servers. All we ever store is a one-way cryptographic hash of your password (using SHA, Secure Hash Algorithm, as per RFC 3174)

While I will make all reasonable efforts to see that your information is used in compliance with this privacy policy, for the reasons above, I cannot guarantee that all of your private personal information will never be disclosed in ways you do not expect or which are not described in this privacy policy.

If you no longer want your private information to reside on this website, you can login to your account and delete your personal profile (after first removing or moving ownership of shared content that you control over to other members).


Children under the age of 13 should not provide us with any personal information about themselves. CERT Alert™ does not knowingly collect personal identifying information from children under the age of 13. In the event that I learn that such information has been collected from a child under 13 without parental consent, the information will be removed from my databases as soon as reasonably possible.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

I reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time.