I've been working on this site since January of 2007, and will make it fully public in 2010. As the leader of a CERT, I was frustrated with the lack of information infrastructure to manage keeping track of members, alerting teams when they are activated, tracking who has which certification and when each one expires, and what resources are located where. To the very small degree that there was any attempt that I knew of to track some of this information, it was always done in a way that was from the top down, and not very useful.

So, I decided to develop CERT Alert™ as a way of providing all of the collaboration and alerting services needed for CERTs to operate efficiently. As someone who has been developing web-based collaboration software since 1993 (yes, I was there in the beginning!), having been the principle software developer/architect of a number of successful large-scale systems, and as a CERT Leader, I felt that I was uniquely qualified to create this site.

One of my hopes is that this site will empower CERT, SART and any other emergency response teams/groups who wish to use it, to be able to be independent and manage their own information, as well as interact with other groups throughout the country. I am a big believer in a very bottom-up, rather than top-down, method of managing information.

I am providing this site free of charge, and my intention is to never charge for it. However, I can't completely guarantee that, as I am personally funding all the costs to run this site, which could become fairly substantial if it becomes as successful as I'm hoping for. I have Google advertising on the site, and an Online Store--together I am hoping they will provide enough revenue to support this endeavor. I also can't make any guarantees for function, security or system uptime, though I will take care to do my best to insure the stability, security, and availability of this site (while still trying to keep costs in line).

Finally, this site it not affiliated with the Citizen Corps or FEMA. It has no approval or blessing from them, though it is my hope to work closely with them in future to make this site the best it can be, and to offer to allow them to use the facilities on this site.

Feel free to email me (must be registered and logged in), with any questions, comments or feedback you may have. Or call me using the link below. I would love to hear from you.

          --Chris Komuves