Alpha Test Notes

✓ Known issues, bugs, to-do list:
  1. Need to finish and fix facility for joining teams.

  2. Need to add ability of members to leave teams, and of team admins to remove members.

  3. Resource facilities are not yet written. Should resources be tied to a ZIP code with a person (steward) who entered/maintains it, or should they be tied to one or a list of teams? Should resources be administered by the person entering them or by teams? In any of these cases, what happens when a person or team is removed?

  4. Terms of Service not yet written.

  5. Advanced Query facility not yet written.

  6. Flag facility back end is incomplete (users can flag content, and flags are logged and auto-suspensions done, and flagged items can be viewed on the back-end, but complete back-end interfaces to administer it do not yet exist.)

  7. Add context-sensitive help facility.

  8. Add spoken languages to person profile. Perhaps also with a 3-tier proficiency rating: 1 = fluent or native speaker; 2 = moderate; 3 = basic conversational?

  9. Add number of team members to team query output and team profile page

  10. Possible Future Enhancements:
  11. Need to add member handle as criteria to Query:Team Search?

  12. Have city and state automatically fill in (in realtime using ajax) when zipcode entered? Currently it fills this in on submission.